Wednesday, March 24, 2010


March is ending and the birds are singing here in L.A., and amidst all the warm sun and rumbling earthquakes two thoughts struck me with crystal clarity. 1) What DOES a “compressed squirrel” look like and how can I use that in one of our games, and 2) if I don’t write another blog before April runs ramshod over March then the blog will be forgotten and die a lonely death in cyber space. So here we are.

Today’s blog will be a mixed bag of “The XSEED Checklist,” an Onii hunt, a nod to what should be an internet sensation and finally, the soon-to-be feature of every blog from here on out, “Things Overheard in the Office.”

#1 The XSEED Checklist

Here at XSEED we generally follow a policy of “respect your source material,” “don’t let redwire eat your email” and “don’t leave your lunch in the fridge so long that it becomes like the sentient lobster in Cowboy BeBop.” Regarding the “respect your source material” part of the policy, I try hard to keep any rewrites/edits I make to the game text fairly normal, but sometimes the urge to put in a little humor is too strong to ignore. My boss usually manages to curb the flow of nods to the Rejected Cartoons by: Don Hertzfeldt, but I am allowed some fun. This photo shows my current list of delights that I like to use.

#2 Onii Hunt

These cute, squishable Oniis from Little King’s Story are quickly becoming the XSEED mascot and have forcefully taken over the waiting room. How many can you spot? And, do you have one of these devilish Onii? If you do and can take a picture of it in some location (your room, outside, a restaurant, etc) and send it in I’ll make a video out of it to show on the site!

#3 Fragile Dreams: A Boy’s Quest to Get Some (and yes, I mean that in the bad, bad way)

This video is wrong in so many ways. It’s so wrong in fact, that I’ve watched it over and over again and it still fills me with inappropriate glee. I encourage you to watch it in celebration of Fragile Dream’s release.

But [WARNING]! This is not an official video from XSEED by any means. We do not own it and it does not represent the actual contents of Fragile Dreams, it's just a spoof video. Also, you might find the contents offensive and it’s not recommended for anyone under the age of 13. Watch at your own discretion.

By youtube user: Loudynoises (we salute you!)

#4 And finally, something I hope to include in all the blogs from now on: Things Overheard in the Office.



Translator: How would you write the sound of an explosion of…people?

Editor: Is it meaty?

Translator: Very.

Editor: "Blooosh"?

Translator: Blooosh? Not something more like…[insert gurgling spray sound]

Editor: I don’t know how to spell that.

(after a minute's contemplation of all the phonetical possibilities of meat spraying…)

Editor: Do you think your face could actually be cut with the "self-destructed" remains of another human being?

(moments of silence followed by everyone quietly ignoring me)