Thursday, January 21, 2010


Welcome to the first official XSEED blog!

As this is our first attempt at an official blog, and most people probably think of us as an entity that churns out weird niche games, I thought introductions of the actual human beings behind the releases might aid our cause in reaching out in a more personal way to fans. So here by way of unauthorized photographs (as demonstrated by no one's willingness to show their entire face), are the people primarily responsible for getting the games out.

[Not shown are our accounting peeps and esteemed backbone of the company, el Presidente, JI] (I thought I'd spare them the embarrassing photoshopping efforts)

LOCALIZATION! - Enter the translators, editors and wranglers of the game content

MARKETING! - PR, Marketing and Ken, our long-suffering answerer of emails

Together, it's our pleasure to bring you a selection of interesting things coming from Japan and now that the gates are open, more game-specific posts will follow. Feel free to comment and ask questions, but know that I am merely a girl with a box on her head, prone to distracted posting about coffee and its delights, and that my manager will beat me with the wiffle bat if I screw up.

-Hero Protagonist


  1. I love the pics. Believe it or not, most are accurate.

  2. I see you have good taste in mousepads.

  3. Yeah, I just noticed the Kasumi mousepad. I hope it has some "lumps" for wrist comfort.

  4. Hello. I'm quite excited for Fragile and was glad you guys picked it up. So, I was even MORE glad when I found out recently that the US would be getting a preorder bonus. Then I found out it was for Gamestop. Le sigh. Gamestop is my sworn enemy, so I don't know what to do; do I preorder with them or get the game locally and hit up ebay for a cd?

    Oh, are Jess and Hero Protagonist related? They both have beautiful eyes!

  5. All these peoples' pictures remind me of Wilson from "Home Improvement".