Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's cheating a bit, but I've decided to update the blog by compiling the snippets of my current silly project, [Chronicles of John the Intern]. The blog will be updated every time a new chapter has been posted on twitter.

[Chronicles of John the Intern] is the mostly accurate* twitter telling of the trials and tribulations of our current long-suffering part-time employee. He is blissfully unaware that his activities are being monitored and run through the terrifying place that is my brain, but at the conclusion of his stint here I shall surely show him this soon-to-be classic body of work.

John, the intern. A new and temporary addition to the XSEED team, he is currently attending college. He is quite tall and good natured, and seems to enjoy spicy curry. Having only been with us a mere two weeks, he has not been fully exposed to the horrors of the XSEED office/atmosphere, but they are sure to take their toll eventually and will likely be evident in later tweets.

Because part of an intern's job expectation is to suffer. How they suffer is really up to us, and by "us" I mean me.

Now please enjoy...

[Chronicles of John the Intern]

Jul. 27

[Chronicles of John the Intern] The aged Toshiba struggled. He placed a hand on the screen gently, and implored it. "Boop-boop," it cried.

Aug. 1

[Chronicles of John the Intern] A furrowed brow. A weighty pause. A clattering of keys. The sound of Word crashing. A wordless cry.

Aug. 2

[Chronicles of John the Intern] Red and white logos ladder the screen w/ 140 chara blurbs on display. An eyebrow is raised. I think he's onto us.

Aug. 3

[Chronicles of John the Intern] The strawberry mochi recalls a birthday missed. O' heartless ball of rice. Why so delicious? A single tear.

*I promise at least 20% accuracy in the telling of his adventures. Probably.


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